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You have a design for a t-shirt, but you don't want to order 100's of them which is what the big box printshops require, you only want ONE...drumroll: Dreamway Prints is your go-to for single, low quantity POD merchandise!

DreamWay Prints is located in Colorado Springs, CO and is your custom provider of top quality industry leading apparel, prints, and promotional merchandise.

The introduction of DreamWay’s concept on custom designed apparel and accessories is revolutionary. This concept is hinged on full mix and match of fashion apparel while providing customers the chance to showcase their unique creativity anywhere they go. DreamWay Prints offers a vast collection of funny, trendy and unique graphic t-shirts for men and women. We also specialize in merch, swag and gift items that you can fully customize.

We have personally selected and vetted, every design spending hours brainstorming to make sure every design is in line with our image. We believe in your desire to express yourself with what you wear. We strive to become the go-to-place for everyone looking to see their creative ideas come to life in print. At DreamWay Prints, we put great value on individual freedom of expression, whether it’s with our own designs or designs uploaded by you!

We offer tees, masks & promotional merchandise (water bottles, pens, mugs, cellphone cases, acrylic prints etc.) either custom designed by you, using our proprietary design platform, or choose a graphic from our library. DreamWay Prints is your ideal custom merchandise partner for top-quality prints, custom t-shirts and services in the POD arena.

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